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Soft water means...

Woman with clean laundry
woman's soft hands

Soft, clean skin

Soft water is gentler on your skin and better for getting your body completely clean.

woman brushing hair in mirror

Soft, silky hair

Soft water makes hair more manageable. Hair color stays vibrant with a dazzling shine.

colorful clean towels in a stack

Softer, cleaner laundry

Soft water makes clothes softer, brighter and requires less detergent even in cold water.

Soft water saves you money...

In washing machines, detergent use can be cut by 50% and cold water can be used instead of hot.
In dishwashers, softened water can cut detergent use by up to 70%.
Water heaters can consume up to 22% less energy with soft water.

Hard water impacts your household in a number of ways:

Untreated water reduces the life of appliances and water heaters due to calcium build up which restricts water flow and can clog your appliances. Minerals precipitate out of water and encrust themselves on to faucets and fixtures resulting in an unsightly white residue that is difficult to remove. Typically, homeowners will notice this calcium staining on dishware, coffee makers, kettles and dishwashers.

Softened water will reduce the internal damage to your water heater resulting in more efficient heating of water thereby reducing household energy consumption. With the removal of calcium from your water, you will notice that soaps and detergents lather more easily, thus reducing the amount required.

Hard water contains minerals and calcium that counteract the cleaning properties of shampoo and soap leaving your skin and hair feeling dry and looking dull. Tests have proven that people suffering from dry skin conditions can benefit from softened water.

Untreated water can also produce unpleasant odors and tastes due to added chemicals in the production of potable water. Most people will notice this in beverages such as tea and coffee.

Clean & Clear solves your hard water problems...


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